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Cresol and Unicafes have a long history strengthening small family farming cooperatives as an agro-food model for the development of the solidarity economy. Together, they have been negotiating since 2015 with Trias International Cooperation Agency to integrate the alliance of Agri-Agencies (AA), AgriCord, as one of its qualified organizations to act as an Agri-Agency at the national and regional level. Therefore, by common agreement, it was established by Agricord that Infocos had the technical conditions to justify its accreditation as an AA. The AgriCord is a global alliance of agricultural agencies, also known as Agri-Agencies (AA), led by farmers' organizations. Agricord implements the Farmers Fighting Poverty program since 2007, supporting more than 200 farmer organizations, over 50 developing countries, with the implementation of their agriculture development projects. Farmers Fighting Poverty is a delivery mechanism, which provides assistance directly to farmers' organizations.

Each AA is one of the AgriCord alliance organizations. The AAs focus on the guidelines deliberated by the assembly and are guided by local actions, developed through alliances with public and private institutions.

On November 16, 2018, Infocos became a member of the AgriCord alliance.


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